About SpaceQ

Former editor Randy Attwood working at the National Space Symposium.

SpaceQ is an independent online news service reporting real news related to the Canadian and international space sectors.

SpaceQ is a new media product created by SpaceQ Media Inc.

SpaceQ was formerly known as SpaceRef Canada, and was developed by founder Marc Boucher. SpaceQ maintains an affiliation with the SpaceRef network of sites which includes SpaceRef (USA), launched in 1999, NASA Watch and the Astrobiology Web, both launched in 1996.


Marc Boucher, Editor-in-Chief

Boucher is an entrepreneur, software engineer, writer, editor, publisher and explorer.

Marc Boucher moderating a panel at the Canadian Space Summit.

He began work on his first Internet technology company in 1991. That first effort was SportsWorld Bulletin Board System (1992), a pre-web dial-up bulletin board system which sold statistics for fantasy hockey pools and provided a sports news service. SportsWorld was later renamed aTerra Technologies Corporation and then SpaceRef Canada Interactive Inc.

In 1996 be developed Canada’s first Internet directory and search engine, Maple Square, which was subsequently licensed to Sympatico and AOL Canada and later sold.

In 1999 he co-founded SpaceRef Interactive Inc., a Virginia based new media company, which develops original online content for the space sector including becoming a leader in curated aggregated content. An early milestone for SpaceRef was a partnership agreement with the Discovery Channel in 2000 with co-branded content on SpaceRef and the Discovery.com website.

Cover of the December 2012 Canadian edition of Space Quarterly magazine. The photo was taken by Chris Hadfield’s son for SpaceRef.

In 2011 Boucher created Space Quarterly magazine which published for two years.

Boucher has also helped to launch several not-for-profit organizations. This includes the Mars Society Canada (1998), the Mars Institute (2002), the Canadian Space Commerce Association (2007) and MaxQ Accelerator Inc. (2016).

Boucher is currently and advisor to the the Canadian Space Commerce Association and the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration at Western University. He is also a director at MaxQ Accelerator Inc.

Boucher has participated in three expeditions to the Canadian high arctic (2000, 2002, 2005) as a member of the Haughton-Mars Project, a moon and Mars analog, which conducts exploration research for future missions to planetary bodies and science investigations of the arctic.

New Team

SpaceQ is currently looking for several correspondents as it expands.

Freelance Writers

SpaceRef has over the years employed some great journalists including;

  • Jeff Foust, now with SpaceNews.
  • Craig Covault, formerly Senior Space Editor, Aviation Week.
  • Paul Kallender-Umezu, associate researcher at the Global Security Research Institute.
  • Elizabeth Howell, science journalist and communications professor.
  • Chris Gainor, historian.
  • Ken Kremer, science journalist.
  • Roger Handberg, Professor, University of Central Florida.
  • Marcia Smith, Space policy expert and formerly with the Congressional Research Service.
  • and many others.


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