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SpaceQ, formerly known as SpaceRef Canada, is a trusted voice in the space sector since 2000. Advertising rates start at $150 per month.

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SpaceQ has an educated, affluent audience that returns often and regularly and includes members of Parliament and their staff, Congress and their staff, White House (OSTP, OMP, OEP etc), government and private sector public affairs, aerospace industry, other space agencies, aerospace consultancies, the Canadian Space Agency, ISED, DND, Global Affairs, NASA personnel – HQ and field centres, and aerospace media.

Media appearances and cited by: Canadian Press, Ottawa Citizen, The Globe and Mail, Humber Radio,, CTV News Channel,, CNN and others.

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We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.  SpaceQ Twitter accounts have over 6,100+ followers. You can reach them in your campaigns.

SpaceQ is also an affiliate to the larger SpaceRef (USA) network of sites which inlcude;

  • SpaceQ
  • SpaceRef (USA)
  • NASA Watch
  • The Astrobiology Web

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