Annual International Astronautical Congress Will Feature Over 40 Presentations By Canadians

This years International Astronautical Congress (IAC) will feature over 40 presentations by Canadians as part of the technical program.

The IAC is being held in Jerusalem, Israel between October 12-16 and will attract over 2,000 participants from national space agencies, commercial space companies, university researchers and others.
Canada’s government presence will be limited this year as a result of the Canadian election. Most presentations from the Canadian Space Agency and other government departments have been withdrawn, an unfortunate result of the ongoing election.
However, there are still over 40 Canadian presentations to be made by university researchers and industry.
All full list of the papers to be presented as part of the technical program is available here.
SpaceRef has aggregated the Canadian presentations into an excel sheet with links to each paper abstract.
SpaceRef, one of the media partners, will be at the IAC reporting on the Congress.

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