Amazon’s Billion-Dollar Bet on Chinese Science Fiction

The Three Body Problem

People were surprised to hear that Amazon is willing to spend a billion dollars to secure the rights to a streaming adaptation of Cixin Liu’s The Three Body Problem. Yes, Amazon is willing and able to pay big dollars for television adaptations—they’re already working on a massive Lord of the Rings prequel series. But a billion dollars? For this series? It won a Hugo, but …

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The Billion-year Arch Library Riding Along with Elon Musk’s Tesla in Space

Three of the first 5 Arch Libraries ever made

All eyes were glued on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy’s successful launch this past Tuesday. Not only because it demonstrated SpaceX’s new and astonishing space launch capability, but because of the idiosyncratic, even baffling cargo: one of Elon Musk’s own Tesla Roadsters, complete with “Starman”, its spacesuit-wearing dummy passenger.

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Gaming Becoming a Respected Narrative Medium Led by Canadian Success Story BioWare

Mass Effect 3 Starship Normandy

Space ignites the imagination. The most recent SpaceQ podcast quoted CSA president Sylvain LaPorte, telling the audience about how a gymnasium full of kids will absolutely light up when they see an astronaut walk into the room, and how stories of hometown astronauts inspire kids to look to space for their own future careers. Fiction is no different: whether it’s television shows like Gene Roddenberry’s Star …

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